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Our Guarantee

Ten Steps We Guarantee To Take For Your Investment Property

1. Our Guarantee

With high occupancy rates and a team of experienced property managers and maintenance contractors to take the hassle out of managing your property, MY PAD Rentals is guaranteed to be your preferred choice.

2. Communication

At MYPAD Rentals, we strive to encourage an open communication stream between our clients (you) and our tenants and ourselves at all times. At each stage of the process, we will keep in contact with you, advising and also listening to your suggestions to make your experience with us an enjoyable and successful one.

3. Advertising

We subscribe to the top package on, & REIQ which allows us to advertise your rental property and we can pass on significant savings to our clients.

4. Tenant Selection

MYPAD Rentals uses very stringent methods of background checking. We use Tenancies Databases, which lets us know if an applicant has ever been 'blacklisted'. We also contact employers, past property managers & referees to ascertain the credibility of the applicant. Finally, a shortlist of suitable applicants are presented to you for your final approval.

5. Routine Property Inspections

Regular routine inspections are carried out on your Investment Property. Tenants are notifitied of this inspection & as owners, you will also be invited to come along if you choose to do so. A thorough report is prepared afterwards & mailed to you for your peace of mind. Any issues spotted, will be brought to your attention and your instructions sought. This keeps you totally up to date with the condition of your rental property, your most valuable asset.

6. Maintenance and Repairs

All homes deteriorate and the upkeep of maintenance is imperative so that your home retains and increases in value.  We have a very capable team of contractors on hand to assist you maintain your home. We are also aware that some Landlords are very handy themselves and allow you first option to complete the repairs, once again saving you money on your investment property!

7. Arrears Controls

In accordance with the relevant legislation, MYPAD Rentals have a strict process to recover unpaid rent. If your tenant does not pay rent on the due date, steps will be taken immediately and you will be kept informed throughout each step.

8. Maximising Rental Returns

MYPAD Rentals are constantly monitoring market trends and rents to ensure your income is maximised at the same time as ensuring capital growth of your asset. We will evaluate your property's rental before each lease renewal is due and advise you accordingly.

9. Experience

At My Pad Rentals, our specialist property management service aims to help you achieve an investment that is going to give you financial freedom and that provides a good return with low risk with a company that listens, communicates and cares about you.

10. Client Feedback

With a very organic approach to business, we appreciate that great ideas come from our clients too. We embrace this fact by encouraging and allowing your suggestions & feedback at all times. We want to know what's on your mind!

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